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A mode similar to COMP mode, however the calculation history is not deleted when the machine is soft reset ([ON] button pressed) or a setup clear is performed.

There are multiple possible different modes considered the "mode 68".


The name is based on the method used to enter the mode on fx-ES calculators. Source:

Details on calculator models

fx-ES model

No data available.

fx-ES PLUS model

Possible values of mode configuration variable that is the 68 mode Memory map.

Methods to enter the mode:

  • See Applications of r.
  • It's possible to reset all the calculator ([SHIFT] [9] [3] [=]) and while it's resetting press [ON]. Because the calculator first fill the memory with zeroes, then set the correct value for configuration variables, if [ON] is pressed when the mode variable is 0x00, it's possible to enter 68 mode. Note that this method is hard to execute because calculators are fast.
  • It's also possible to make the power supply unstable (by repeatedly taking out and putting in the battery) while doing the method above to increase the chance the memory being corrupted. (Not recommended)